quick black beans

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My original plan tonight was to make something extravagent from one of my new cookbooks, but that was an EPIC fail. I was way to tired to make a huge meal tonight and it was already past my usually eating time of seven. So, I steamed up some asparagus and added some lemon juice, cut up another apple and added some almond butter (if you haven't noticed this is practically my favorite food right now), opened up a can of organic black beans--added some cumin and bay leaves--,and then cooked up some brown rice. It was actually very good and very filling for a quick, unplanned meal. 

I also got some great news from various vegan companies I contacted which you guys will be hearing about in the days to come. Also, if anyone has any advice to help me gain some followers that would be great...i've been doing my best but i seem to be failing in gaining popularity. I also created an Edgy Vedgy facebook page, so if you facebook, which I'm sure you do, please like my page....thanks in advance :] 

Well, i'm calling it a night blogfam. nighty-night! 


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