Veganized Snack Wraps

Monday, August 16, 2010

My little brother came home with some snackwraps from McDonald's today and they smelled rly good so I wanted to come up with something easy that us vegans could eat, so I raided my kitchen and came up with this amazing creation:

I absolutely am in love with these and i'm pretty sure they will become a staple in my dorm this year. All I did was take some Mornigstar Chik'n strips and grill them up, throw them on top of some leafy greens, and add my recipe for vegan ranch dressing. I also threw my El Milagro corn tortillas on the skillet to warm them up. This recipe was great, because it only took me a few minutes and they taste great. I had about three alongside my Honest Peach Tea for dinner. I'm still tasting the yummy goodness. I may just have to make some for lunch tomorrow to finish off my ranch dressing...


So, it's been a few days since I've been able to update thanks to getting ready to go back to college, but the best thing happened today. A few weeks ago I was looking at the VeganCrunk page and saw that Bianca had the cutest Vegan cereal I did some research and was able to find it on Jeanette at Vegandish makes THE cutest cereal bowls, mugs, and cupcake stands. I picked out the lilac cereal bowl, and I can't wait to show it off at school. I know all my fellow veg friends will want one.

I used it this afternoon with my basmati/brown rice and spices I made and i ate extra slow because I was to busy admiring my beautiful new investment. The bowl was a bit pricy, but well worth supporting a fellow vegan. In total I paid $28 including shipping. So, if your interested head on over to Vegandish and pick one up!

In the beginning...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, here i am writing my first blog and of course all I can think about is food. I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Sarah, a vegan in Nashville, Tennessee. While most college students are enjoying there late night ice-cream, fritos, and chicken ramen; I'm up enjoying dehydrated fruit and snacking on granola.

Veganism isn't all that popular in college, but fortunately living a cruelty free lifestyle has gotten easier over the years. Nashville has tons of restaurants with vegan options, and even fully vegan places to dine. Join me as I learn how to eat a healthy vegan diet while in college. I'll use this blog to share restaurant, recipe, food product, and book reviews; while also trying to make other college vegan lives a lot easier as they join me in my journey.

As a sophomore athlete and student in college I maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule, and am able to do so while still living a cruelty free lifestyle. Hopefully, I can help others learn how easy it really is to live a vegan lifestyle in college (and maybe I can get some to join us).