Wakey Wakey

Friday, June 3, 2011

Goodmorning all!!! Hope you all are enjoying beautiful weather today! The sun is definitely out here in Nashville along with some monstrous heat. Lately, I haven't really been the type of person who can wake up and eat a meal. So, this morning I had a cup of Gloria Jean's Hazlenut coffee, thanks to my Keurig...if you don't have one of these and you drink coffee on a daily basis I highly recommend it. I do, however, still have my old coffee pot which I bust out occasionally when I buy some local Bongo Java coffee. I typically drink my coffee black, unless I'm brewing up some Newman's Organic Extra Bold. In that case I usually add some Silk French Vanilla Soy Cremer. Alongside my coffee I had a homemade banana muffin (YUM!), which I will be posting about later today, and an orange.

Well, I'm off to do my rehab for the day and work my way back to training and bowling. 

Asparagus Overload

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So, I usually don't eat a whole lot in the summer, especially when I'm not training. I find the heat seems to take my appetite away. However, today I did eat some pretty good food if I do say so myself. For lunch i made a chick'n caesar salad with some Morningstar Farms chick'n strips (my best friend and I have loved these since high school), a mixture of greens, and Organicville Caesar Dressing. I would usually make my own dressing, but everyone I've talked to said to try the dressing so I picked it up on my last trip to Whole Foods. I can definitely say it's pretty realistic...it doesn't have that fishy taste, which is a plus. I also had a side of Imagine tomato soup...it wasn't to bad, but it was a bit bland for my liking.

For dinner I cooked up a MASSIVE plate of steamed asparagus, which is one of my favorite foods.  On top of that I had some quinoa and Whole Foods organic frozen vegan Spinach Florentine ravioli...which, is pretty realistic of the very non-dairy ravioli. I would definitely pick it up for a quick dinner, I would buy it again for sure. I went ahead and topped it with some Trader Joe's pasta sauce.

I apologize for the terrible pictures...i took them with my iPhone, I can't seem to find my camera now that I've moved dorm rooms...hopefully it will turn up soon.