Finally Back

Saturday, May 14, 2011

After an extremely long and stressful school semester I'm glad to say that I'm back to the blogosphere.  Although the semester was extremely stressful and full of many sleepless nights I had some of my greatest memories of my college career.  During April my bowling team made it to NCAA nationals and I'm proud to say that we ended our season with a 2nd place finish as well as getting to be on ESPN. I'm still pretty upset that we didn't win the whole damn thing, but after a long season of ups and downs we did amazing.  I was also able to finish our semester of VIVA with an amazing event, a food screening of the film Food Matters, i didn't care for the film a whole lot, but it was a great way to get our discussion panel started on some great topics. I had surgery this past Monday and will get to stay in Nashville to rehab, but I'm glad that I now have a kitchen and can finally post my food delishness. I have some great plans for myself this summer as well as work I am doing in the Nashville community.  I'm hoping by the middle of June I'll have a full-fledged website up and will get to gain some more followers. Well, I'm gonna take a nap after this long errand filled day but expect some great reviews and food posts in the near future.

Meaningfully yours,