Amazing grass and workout

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If you read my post from this morning you probably know I've been a bit down about getting back into shape from surgery, but let me tell ya, today's workout was AMAZING. I incorporated some new things into my workout and decided to follow a running plan instead of just winging it everyday at the gym. While I was catching up on my blogs this morning I was reading Kathy Eats Real Food, who I highly recommend following if don't. In her blog about running she has a half-marathon plan that she used so I decided to modify to my recovery and own plans for a marathon. My workout was ecstatic I'm still smiling from how happy I am...after my workout I decided to give Amazing Grass a try and it actually isn't to bad at's a little rich though, maybe next time I'll add some extra rice milk.  I added the packet to my after workout smoothie of banana, rice milk, and some raw oats. I also had another apple with almond butter and some steamed carrots and green beans.

Now, it's nap time. :]


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