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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So, seeing as how I can't sleep and I was planning on doing this blog in the morning I decided I might as well just do it now.  Now that I'm officially going to be 10 weeks out of surgery this coming Tuesday and I've started hitting the gym a bit more and slowly getting back into bowling I've decided I might as well start my training and super healthy eating a few weeks early.  Before I found out I would be forced to have injury related hip surgery I was training for a half marathon and eating a raw vegan diet. Sadly, I have found it extremly hard to eat raw while at school, so I must opt for eating a very healthy plant filled vegan diet while at school. Tomorrow marks my first official day of training for the marathon and getting back into full athlete shape.  I CAN'T WAIT. I've missed running, boxing, and lifting so much.  So, for my last not so healthy meal for awhile I decided to feast on a large piece of homemade vegan pumpkin pie that I made for Christmas as well as some steamed asparagus, a mixture of tangerines, apples, and a banana alongside Isa's Chickpea cutlets...which I recently saw over at livinlovinvegan.

I'll definitely be keeping you updated on my delicious healthy food i'll be making in the days to come as well as some new products I'll be testing in honor of my training.


Michelle said...

Your pumpkin pie looks amazing. I had planned on making one over the holiday weekend myself, but never had time.
About the green super food. I'm not sure if Whole Foods or any other health food store has it or not, but I would want to think so. I ordered mine off and had it in 4 days. If you like chocolate, you will love it. I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in mine this morning with a frozen banana and rice milk.....yum!
I see you are recovering from a surgery from about 10 weeks ago. I hope you are healing up well. We got a bowflex for Christmas, so like you I am looking forward to getting back into working out and getting into shape.
I hope you had a great Christmas! :o)

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