VIVA Vegetarian Feast

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So, as I have mentioned before, I am the Liason for VIVA, or Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegetarian Awareness here on campus at Vanderbilt and we are having a Vegetarian Thanksgiving feast at our vegetarian cafe/dining center Grins.  The dinner is on November 17th at 6pm and the best part is it's FREE!!! We'll be supplying the Tofurky and some other goodies, but please bring a veg dish to pass.
In honor of thanksgiving our club is also sponsoring two turkeys. I highly recommend doing this yourself also, it's only $30 dollars so why not save a life?? My family and I have decided to save two as well as my bowling team.  Well hope some of you can make it out to the's defiantly going to be a BLAST...why not live meaningfully with some fellow college veg?


Jessica said...

That's so cool your college has a vegetarian group! I have been out of college for a while, but I was vegetarian then and could have used some help and support figuring out what to eat besides pasta and french fries and to have a group advocating for better choices.

The Edgy Vedgy said...

i defiantly feel like there is a growing amount of veggie groups in college...hopefully a majority of schools will have them soon for that reason. one of our big reasons for the group is just that; we defiantly like to help veggies eat healthy on campus.

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