On My Way Back.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So....it's defiantly been awhile and now that i'm post surgery 3 weeks I'm happy to say that I'm totally ready to start my OFFICIAL blog trail.  This month's Orbis article was released on campus only this week and it already has a TON of popularity..which is exciting.  My article, Veganizing Your Dorm Room, has already been tweeted quite a bit and I've had some great feedback...I'm glad I could help some of my fellow college vegans out.
I'm sad to say I decided to not participate in vegan MOFO :[ but I will be updating my blog this week with a bunch of food pics from various restaurants and my own vegan food endeavors.  I defiantly need to learn how to get my blog some popularity..i'm clearly EPICLY FAILING in this category.  Well i'll defiantly be back with some updated bloggage tonight just thought I'd add a quick blurb about Orbis. Keep living meaningfully!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Another Chicago vegan who's relocated to the South...glad to know I'm not alone down here. :)

It's so great to see someone out there advocating for college vegans - keep up with the great articles and slowly but surely, your blog readership will grow. And I hope you participate in MoFo next year!!


The Edgy Vedgy said...

Glad to find another Chicago vegan in the south. I defiantly plan on participating in MoFo I sadly missed out :[ I'm defiantly trying to get my blog up and running just having a hard time with the readership...thanks the for encouraging words and the great easy mac recipe I can't wait to try it.


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