The Orbis

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you've already picked up this month's issue of The Orbis, I hope you enjoyed all of our interesting and progressive pieces. If your one of those people who haven't, I highly recommend picking it up on the way to class or checking it out online: The Orbis
For those who don't know what The Orbis is let me do a little explanin'. The Orbis is the progressive student paper we have here on campus at Vanderbilt University. It is written by students and for students. Many of the articles address issues that may not necesarrrily be addressed by our other papers, or are on topics that we feel needed to be investigated more. My specific column, which is based on this blog, is our first "column" and is in the lifestyle/opinion section. I absolutely would love to thank Jon Christian and all the other Orbis staff for giving me the opportunity to write this and I hope that I can be some help to my fellow vegans and vegetarians on campus. 
I was sitting in my philosophy 228 class today when I recieved my first Letter to the Editor e-mail about MY article. I was ECSTATIC. I wanted to take the time to thank Max Fischlowitz-Roberts from Compassion Over Killing for the kudos on my column. It was so awesome to see what a wide variety of readers we have viewing our paper. 
Also, for those who live on campus at Vandy or just go to Vandy I'd love to invite you all to come out to the Vegan bake sale that's going on the weekend of the 8th. VIVA, or Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegetarian Awareness, is doing this bake-sale to help generate the knowledge of our presence on campus and raise some money. 
I'm working on writing a really great in-depth blog entry on protein and iron, seeing as how I'm dealing with the lack there of currently, I figured I'd be some help to those worried about the same. 
So, go check out The Orbis NOW and let me know if you have any thing you'd love to learn or read about. Until next time, keep livin' meaningful. 


Friday, September 17, 2010's been way to long since I've updated, but now that classes have been in session awhile I might as well really start updating. For those of you reading that go to Vandy make sure you check out the Orbis, not just because the paper is awesome, but also because, yours truly will be writing a monthly column in the lifestyle section. My main goal in writing this specific column is not just to help out VIVA, Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegetarian Awareness, or to get some publicity for this blog, but to help educate students on tricks and ways to being a healthy vegan/vegetarian in college.
Originally, I was going to title this blog The College Vegan, but after much consideration I knew I wanted to hit a larger audience than that in the end...thus the.edgy.vedgy was born. :] Clearly, I'm lacking in the followers department, but I'm hoping that can change soon. Anyways...I'll be doing some vegan eating this weekend and working on my next post about some great quick vegan options for your dorm room so hopefully by sunday we'll have some great posts..

until then, continue living meaningfully.