In the beginning...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, here i am writing my first blog and of course all I can think about is food. I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Sarah, a vegan in Nashville, Tennessee. While most college students are enjoying there late night ice-cream, fritos, and chicken ramen; I'm up enjoying dehydrated fruit and snacking on granola.

Veganism isn't all that popular in college, but fortunately living a cruelty free lifestyle has gotten easier over the years. Nashville has tons of restaurants with vegan options, and even fully vegan places to dine. Join me as I learn how to eat a healthy vegan diet while in college. I'll use this blog to share restaurant, recipe, food product, and book reviews; while also trying to make other college vegan lives a lot easier as they join me in my journey.

As a sophomore athlete and student in college I maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule, and am able to do so while still living a cruelty free lifestyle. Hopefully, I can help others learn how easy it really is to live a vegan lifestyle in college (and maybe I can get some to join us).


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