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Monday, March 14, 2011

The wonderful Susan over at Go Max Go was kind enough to send me some of their products to review. So, without further ado let me introduce, Twilight, Mahalo, Jokerz, and Buccaneer.  

I wanted to make sure that I got this blog post up as soon as I got to school so I went ahead and tried every bar tonight.  I can definitely tell you that I'll be going to bed happy tonight.  These bars are AMAZING. I absolutely love the fact that they are made with a variety of ingredients...my absolute favorite ingredient being the rice-milk. The buccaneer bar reminded me of a milky-way and left a little taste of coffee in my mouth afterward (that may just be my own taste buds combined with my love of coffee talking).  The Jokerz bar...reminded me of a snickers bar except BETTER. Twilight...was oh so delicious and was pretty much a combination of a twix bar and a girl scout Samoa cookie without the cookie part. Last but not least is my absolute favorite....the MAHALO bar. Oh snap was this baby good...It's just like an almond joy except naturally sweet and the almonds actually tasted real.  

For those of you who still have yet to try a Go Max Go product you need to...NOW.  For vegans and those who are lactose intolerant they are God's gift to us. :] One thing that I really love about the Go Max Go company is the fact that their products have no trans fat, no cholesterol, nothing artificial, and no hydrogenated oils....I do my best to stay away from these as much as possible as I think everyone should.  When shopping for any candy bar Go Max Go is the way to go...not only are they healthier for you but they taste so natural. I love the fact that I can taste every ingredient and the candy bars don't leave a waxy feeling in my mouth after I eat them.  No matter if you just love chocolate or your a vegan I highly recommend picking some of these babies up for your dorm room (I know we all get those chocolate cravings from time to time). In Nashville I know you can buy them at Whole Foods, and for those of you followers from the beautiful Chicago you can pick them up at Whole Foods and Fruitful Yield...but I know for sure I've probably left of dozens of other places so visit their website and go to the "Where To Buy" tab to get a complete list of everywhere you can buy them!! Hope you all are enjoying the spring weather were starting to get and for those of you who haven't had a chance to have some yet....it's coming soon!! 



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